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Landscape Design

Let Verdant design the perfect landscape for you!

We have a variety of tools at our disposal to convey our ideas including 3D renderings, landscape plans & construction documents. We can take your requests, add our expertise, and create a fine tuned plan for your project.  

Pergola axo

Axonometric rendering of 3D Pergola pergola. Pergola is set on 30 degree angle for better shade while not completely creating a "ceiling".


3D perspective rendering to show experiential space.

Pergola Plan View

Overhead plan view provides dimensions and notes for on site construction.

Pergola Section Plan 1

Sections provides a detailed cut through the structure with dimensions & notes for on site construction.

Pergola Section 2

Second section plan provides a different view to assist in the construction.

Landscape Curvilinear Concept

Curvilinear landscape concept of a front yard. Used to convey important elements throughout the design.

Landscape Curvilinear Concept 2

Curvilinear landscape concept of a back yard. Used to convey important elements throughout the design.

Planting Concept Plan

Simple planting concept used to show placement to the client.

Deck Dimension Plan

Dimension Plan used to show overall deck space.

Deck Layout Plan

Drawing provides detail of decking layout, material notes, and overall space use.

Deck Details 1

Details provided for construction of railings & screens. Includes dimensions & construction notes.

Deck Details 2

Additional Detail Plan provides section details for deck construction. Includes details & construction notes.

Deck Elevation Plan

Elevation plan provides detailed cut section to show 2 views of the finished deck in relation to the house.

3D Patio View

3D drawings are a great tool for getting a feel for the designed space prior to construction.

Pool Space Rendering

Hand rendered landscape plan of pool space.

Interlock Rendering

Rectilinear landscape concept for Interlocking paver walkway.

Garden Planting Plan

Landscape Planting Plan provides dimensions & plant names for correct installation during the construction process.

Design Process

Step 1

Call or contact us below. We will schedule a 1 hour visitation to your residence or place of business within 1 to 2 weeks. During the visitation we will gather measurements, photos, and exchange ideas. We can then provide a rough idea of cost prior to a refined estimate upon final design. We require a $100.00 deposit to begin renderings which are credited upon the reward of the project installation. 

Step 2

We will schedule a second visitation, generally within 2 weeks of the original visitation, to go over the completed design & pricing. Upon approval we will sign a contract & correct any minor changes requested over the next few days. Work will commence within a given time frame, generally within 2 to 8 weeks of signing depending on the size of the job and availability. All construction is dependent upon weather.  

Step 3

Our courteous & knowledgeable staff will arrive on site as scheduled to begin your project. If there are any questions after construction has commenced please direct them towards the office where the designer will gladly help. The designer will make a maximum of two 30-minute visitations to your site to ensure the overall design is coming to fruition & answer any questions you may have.

Request a consultation below to begin working toward your free quote!

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